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The USU Rehabilitation Counseling Program is ranked #10 in the country by the US News & World Report  and is the highest ranked of any program at USU.

The master's program is 60 semester hours, including a practicum and internship. The average student will take 2.6 years to complete the program.  While the majority of coursework can be completed via distance, distance education students are required to attend two one-week summer courses on the USU campus in Logan, Utah. Students may begin the program any semester.  Student can choose to complete an MRC with a transition concentration.  

For those individuals currently working as rehabilitation counselors, the program provides a means of upgrading their education (CRCC Category R and Category D). Rehabilitation counselors who have a master's degree in a related field may take specific courses in order to become eligible to take the CRC exam. These non-degree seeking students may register for courses on a space-available basis. The CRC professional certification is a legal requirement in some agencies and is becoming the professional standard for hiring and promotion.

Certificate programs in Transition Services (16 credits) and Competitive Integrated Employment for People with Significant Disabilites (16 credits) are offered.  


Our mission

is to promote quality rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilites through the education of rehabilitation professionals, provision of rehabilitation contining education, and through research related to rehabilitation.

Our objectives include:

  • Preparation of master's level rehabilitation counselors
  • Promotion of the Code of Professional Ethics
  • Advancement of the basic philosophical tenets of rehabilitation, including the value and worth of all individuals, a belief in human dignity, and the right of all persons to fully participate in society.

Master of Rehabilitation Counseling (MRC)

The MRC program is available on-campus or via distance education.  Distance courses are streamed live through the internet in the evenings.  Attendance and participation are required.  Courses are synchronous; there is a set meeting time for each class during the week. The program is 60 total credits and students can go at their own pace. RSA scholarships are available to qualifying students.    

MRC with Concentration in Transition Services

Transition services focus on the needs of high school students with disabilities in transition to employment or post-high-school education.  This continues to be an area of need and is a growing priority for service providers across the country.

CRCC Category D

Utah State University provides the coursework required to fulfill the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) Category D.

Transition Services Certificate

***Begins Fall 2018***

The Transition Services certificate is an online program that includes 16 credit hours of graduate course work designed to help rehabilitation counselors understand the pre-employment transition requirement and evidence-based practices in secondary transition. RSA Scholarships are available to qualifying students. 

Certificate in Competitive Integrated Employment for People with Significant Disabilities

***Begins Fall 2019***

The certificate in Competititve Integrated Employment for People with Significant Disabilites is an online program that includes 16 credit hours of graduate course work.  Each course is designed to respond to the expanded integrated employment expectations for people with significant disabilities by teaching counselors about the customized employment process. RSA Scholarships are available to qualifying students.  

Category R Certificate

Behavioral Health, Behavioral Science, Disability Studies, Human Relations, Human Services, Marriage and Family Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Psychometrics, Rehabilitation Administration/Services, Social Work, Special Education, Vocational Assessment/Evaluation.


USU's Rehabilitation Counseling program is fully accredited through summer of 2019 by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) to provide graduate-level training in the field of rehabilitation counseling. Rehabilitation counselors provide services to adults with a broad range of disabilities to help them obtain gainful employment and take control of their lives.  Those who complete either the on-campus or distance program receive a Master of Rehabilitation Counseling degree (MRC) and are eligible to take the national Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) examination.

  • Employment rate: Over 95% professional job placement of MRC graduates.  Graduates are employed in state public vocational rehabilitation settings, Deseret Industries, university disability resource centers, Veteran's Affairs, and private non-profit rehab companies.
  • National ranking:  Ranked 10th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report - the highest ranked program at Utah State University!
  • CRC pass-rate:  97% first-time pass rate on the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor exam (CRC) as compared to a national pass rate of 72%
  • Current Enrollment (Fall 2018):  34 distance students, 5 on-campus students 
  • Number of graduates (2005-2018):  295  Average of 22 per year.
  • Student retention rate: 93%
  • Average time to complete the program: 2.6 years
  • Estimated cost of program: $25,920 (60 total credits @ $432/credit hour)
  • Available scholarships:  Scholarships for qualified students are available from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).
  • Eligibility for licensure by program graduates:  Utah Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), Utah Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (LVRC).

In addition to traditional on-campus courses, classes are offered through Internet-based, distance education. Distance courses are taught using telecommunications technology across the nation.  Students enrolling in the distance education program must come to the Utah State University campus for a minimum of two summer classes that are offered in one-week formats to accommodate the working professional.  These classes can be taken all in one summer or over two summers.  Practicum and internship experiences can be arranged in local communities with the availability of a supervisor who is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

Application instructions for each program are found at the links below:

Rehabilitation Counseling Masters degree (MRC)

For admission into the USU MRC program, we require an online application, $55 application fee, GRE or MAT test scores (scores in the 40th percentile or higher), official transcripts (3.0 gpa or higher over the most recent 60 credits), three email addresses for letters of recommendation, and letter of intent.

Category R Certificate Program

Only students with a qualifying master's degree can apply for the certificate program.  We require an online application, $25 application fee, and official transcripts verifying your qualifying master's degree.

Transition Services Certificate Program

We require an online application $35 application fee, and official transcripts verifying your most recent college degree.

Customized Employment Certificate Program

We require an online application $35 application fee, and official transcripts verifying your most recent college degree.

Non-degree seeking students - Category 3

Students desiring to take a few classes through USU as non-degree seeking students may apply through the Quick Admit application.  No fees, transcripts, test scores, or letters of recommendation are required. 



Links to student information:

Future Course Schedule

Each course is offered once per year, except for Practicum and Internship which are offered each semester. 

Tuition & Payment

Tuition rates for distance students an on-campus students.

How to Register

Distance students and On-campus students register in different ways.